About Us

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Elisa Kennedy founded Hip Pop Dance Parties to create a super fun, lively and unforgettable party experience for kids!


Elisa Kennedy has been passionately dancing all of her life.  She is a classically trained ballet dancer and has studied and performed all types of dance genre’s from hip hop, modern dance, jazz to international dance, like Flamenco and Balinese dance. Elisa has a theater background and also studied theater in New York. 

She majored in dance from UCLA with an emphasis in choreography.  She also toured with UCLA’s dance team.  The versatility in her dance experience and knowledge really shines through in the dance routines that she creates for her parties. 

After college, Elisa continued with her love of movement and became a movement analyst.  She teaches Pilates and Yoga, plus created her own barre class that she taught at Equinox.  After years of teaching she decided to return to her love of dance and choreography and created Hip Pop Dance Parties. 

Elisa’s  love of dance, music and movement is infectious!  You will feel her passion and enthusiasm at your birthday or special event party. When Hip Pop Dance Parties is your choice of entertainment, it will be a unique and positive experience that you will never forget!

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